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  • Berna Güler Müftüoğlu
  • Elif Hacısalihoğlu
Emekçilerin Gündelik Hayatını Görünür Kılmak: “Bereketli Topraklar Üzerinde” ile 40’lı 50’li Yıllara Gerçekçi Bir Bakış


To Make Visible the Everyday Life of Workers: A Realistic View of 1940s and 1950s via “On Fertile Lands”


The period of 1945 and 1960 witnessed the very first levels of dramatic changes such as mechanization, disintegration of rural life, immigration from rural to urban areas, increasing population of urban slums which all affected the social outlook considerably. In Turkey as in most developing countries, relatively in a very short time, rapid development of such changes influenced the society severely. Nevertheless, many of the present surveys have no interest in the time period before 1960. Moreover, the number of surveys that inform us about the way in which those changes, which occurred in the socio-economic structure of that period, transformed the everyday life of workers and how those transformations were perceived by the workers is very limited. In this paper, first of all, together with the consideration of the changes took place at international scale after the Second World War; the economic-policies were implemented in Turkey during the period of 1945 and 1960 will be examined profoundly. Later, for the purpose of understanding how these changes were perceived by workers and making clear the subject of this analysis, this time period will be overviewed by the related novel of Orhan Kemal, is called “On Fertile Lands”. The reason for employing the method of text analysis is to expose the re-investigation of this time period by a different perspective and distinct life experiences. The aim of this paper, instead of reaching a certain conclusion; is to introduce different resources provide us with some clues about the way in which the voiceless groups perceive the changes, which arise from the social structure and in this sense, initiate a discussion about literature
Keywords : Labour history, everyday life, On Fertile Lands, Orhan Kemal, working life

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MÜFTÜOĞLU, B., & HACISALİHOĞLU, E., & . ( 2008). Emekçilerin Gündelik Hayatını Görünür Kılmak: “Bereketli Topraklar Üzerinde” ile 40’lı 50’li Yıllara Gerçekçi Bir Bakış. Çalışma ve Toplum, 3(18), 43-67. https://doi.org/