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    İşyerinde Psikolojik Taciz (Mobbing) özel sayısı

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İşyerinde Psikolojik Taciz (Mobbing)




Mobbing is a multi dimentional, multi disciplined and a complex subject which exists in labor environment from the very beginning; but it is ignored by everybody who takes place in this process due to human nature. Everybody with no difference in culture and in sex can be subject to mobbing which has very serious results. In the introduction part of this article the concept of mobbing is explained; the statistical data and approaches about mobbing in the content of labor security and laborer health in EU countries are presented. In the I part, the mobbing process is explained; mobbing activities and mobbing roles are identificated. In the II part the concept of mobbing as a organizational strategy is explained. In the III and IV parts the results of mobbing are examined on the bases of individual, organization and society; and the first steps of struggle with mobbing is emphasized.

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TINAZ, P., & . ( 2006). İşyerinde Psikolojik Taciz (Mobbing). Çalışma ve Toplum, 4(11), 13-28. https://doi.org/