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  • Seracettin Göktaş
İşveren Vekilinin İş Güvencesi


Job Security of Employer's Representative


Although it is stated in the Labour Act No. 4857 that the position of employer’s representative does not eradicate the rights and obligations recognized to employees, as envisaged in the same act, employer’s representative is also not able to benefit from some rights delivered to employees. In this regard, this paper defines those who can be employer’s representative in the context of Labour Act, and examines the limitations imposed on employers’ representative on benefiting from job security codes of the Act.

Kaynak Göster

GÖKTAŞ, S., & . ( 2009). İşveren Vekilinin İş Güvencesi. Çalışma ve Toplum, 1(20), 61-74. https://doi.org/