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  • Tijen Erdut
İşgücü Piyasasında Enformelleşme ve Kadın İşgücü




The informal economic activities gain a continuance and the formal economic activities gradually become narrowed. The capital accumulation has become dependent to the informal economy. In this economy, the most widespread labour force is the female labour force and it is open to all negative consequences of informal economy which can be summarized as pauperization and deprivation. In this study it is aimed to analyse the reasons and forms of the informalization of the labour market and the economic, social, political and legal consequences of this process especially for the female labour force
Keywords : Informal labour market, female labour force, employment patterns, globalization, flexibility, capital accumulation, deregulation

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ERDUT, T., & . ( 2005). İşgücü Piyasasında Enformelleşme ve Kadın İşgücü. Çalışma ve Toplum, 3(6), 11-49. https://doi.org/