Economics and Law Journal

Aim and Scope

Çalışma ve Toplum (Labour and Society) journal aims to publish scientific manuscripts prepared in accordance with the principles and methods of social policy on all subjects within the scope of social policy, which is an interdisciplinary field of science. The journal publishes articles in Turkish and English. Translated articles may also be published in the journal depending on editorial assessment.

The topics covered by Çalışma ve Toplum are as follows

  • Labour law

  • Social security law

  • Labour economics

  • Social economy

  • Industrial relations

  • Occupational health and safety

  • Income distribution and poverty

  • Sociology and psychology of work

  • Social development and social problems

  • Human rights and freedoms

  • Social services and similar issues

Manuscripts not included in the list but related to the field of social policy may be taken into consideration depending on editorial assessment.

In addition to scientific peer-reviewed articles, Çalışma ve Toplum (Labour and Society) journal also publishes decisions of national and international courts on labour law for informative purposes. Since these decisions are not scientific articles, their titles and summaries are not translated into English.